The don’ts of gambling in a casino

Before you apply for สมัครg club, you need to understand the following donts:

Betting too large

It is a mistake made by player both in brick and mortar casino and online. To manage your bankroll is very important to ensure that you play for long and also for your own state of mind. When deciding what your per session bankroll will be, then you have to adjust your levels of stake accordingly. One of the rules which are simple when it comes to your bankroll is to ensure that you don’t bet with more than 10% of  your bankroll on a single hand.

You are free to adjust upwards or downward but you need to feel comfortable with about 10% of your bankroll being used to gamble at any given time. It will give you a chance of playing unless you happen to loss at least 10 hands in a straight row, and in case it happens, then it might not have been your day to start with. In most cases, players that have some few dollars do play hands of blackjack of 50$, without realizing that they require the bankroll in surviving the downswings.


When talking about managing the amount that you feel comfortable to lose while playing casino games, most of the time the amount that you have to be willing to stop to play and walk out of the casino is never discussed. Gambling is hard with the odds being always against you immediately you sit down at a table. But there are moments when you happen to be ahead of the casino and that is the time when greed might engulf you. You might have had the experience for yourself when you get big money then you start to double down to try to win big only to give everything back to the casino.

The general rule needs to be that, you need to have a walk into a casino and walk out of the casino numbers both for wins and losses. What it means is that, you might end up gambling your session early in case you have a hot streak to start, but it is not pocket full of incentives of cash enough to stop gambling portion for the evening. You will need to give it a try and you will be surprised at the results that you get.


It is more likely going to happen in a brick and mortar casino because when you play online, you will be heading to your own bar or fridge. When you play in an offline casino like the ones found at Las Vegas, it is possible to be over served and it might lead to impairing your judgment which adds to more losses than you could have encountered were it that you had a state of mind that was clearer.  You need to try sticking to the cocktail limits when you are at the casino tables. Your wallet and your head will likely thank you later.

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