My Favourite Fall 2020 Trends

After rain comes sunshine, and after sunshine, unfortunately, comes rain. That we’ve noticed here in The Netherlands over the last couple of days, as it has been raining a lot. It felt more like fall than summer, so what better way to beat the bad weather blues than by going over the best trends for the new season? I know that always cheers me up!

These are my favourite trends for fall:

Block heels

After wearing my sneakers almost all day everyday, the transition to wearing heels again isn’t exactly seamless. Therefore, I’d rather opt for a heel that’s both comfortable and on trend: hello, block heels!


A fabric that came along on the Seventies bandwagon. Everything you can think of (pretty much the same goes for denim) comes in this soft fabric this season. An A-line skirt in suede is high on my wish list!

Ribbed fabric

Stretchy, comfortable, stylish: I’m in!

Bell sleeves

The longer, the better it seems when it comes to sleeve length for the new season, preferable bell-shaped. I’ve been on the hunt for a bell-sleeved shirt all summer, but I haven’t found the perfect one yet.

Cropped jeans

Ankle length, and slightly loose fitted. With flared legs, for the ones who dare!

The longline knit

I am a huge sucker for knitwear, so as soon as the weather starts changing, I begin stocking up on some cosy knits. This season I’m all about the longline knit. The longer, the better!

Off shoulder knits

Speaking of knitwear, off shoulder knits are high on my wish list too. It’s not the most convenient style, as knitwear is meant to snuggle up in an prevent you from getting cold (shoulders). But they look so chic!

Accessories in tan colour

I’ve always been more of a tan fan (ha!) than a black lover when it comes to accessories, especially with bags, so this trend is right up my alley. I’ve been carrying my tote bag around a lot lately, complete with my new tan coloured Serengeti sunglasses, and I’m thinking about getting another tan bag. You know, to add some variety.

Victorian influences

Lace, high collars, ruffles, empire shapes and cinched waists: this trend is super feminine. Add a modern twist by going for some contrast, for example.

There’s one downside to all these cool trends: my wish list has already taken alarming proportions. I’ll show you guys some of it next week! What are your favourite trends?

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