Important Difference to Know Between Cardboard and Corrugated Boxes for Packaging

If you own a business then you already know about the importance of packaging. When it comes to packaging you cannot compromise with the safety of the products. A good packaging is very important to transport the goods safely to your customers. You can find out many packaging materials to pack your goods, but finding a box that can prevent your goods from damage. In this post, we shall discuss some of the differences between a cardboard and corrugated box.

You can easily find the best packaging material online. You can visit online to look for top-rated websites that sell corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes are perfect for branding and promotions. You can get them customized according to your business needs. Corrugated Cardboard are strong and hence it prevents the external forces so this is best in shipping.

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Things to Know

  • The very first thing is the material the cardboard boxes are made up of single sheet while the structure of corrugated box is completely different. The cardboard cartons are made up of heavy pulpy single sheet that cannot provide enough protection. It is structured in layers that provide an extra security to the stuff inside. You can observe a ruffle cut on the corrugated boxes that acts as a middle layer between the inner and outer layer.

  • You may observe that the cardboard boxes get damaged easily because of the single sheet terminology. The cardboard cartons are not strong enough so they require an extra protection to prevent the damages while the corrugated boxes have a cushion effect that keeps the items safe from all the external forces.
  • Cardboard cartons and corrugated boxes both work fine for packaging in certain situations. It completely depends on the product you are shipping, so if you are shipping lightweight items then you should consider the cardboard cartons. If you are shipping delicate parts and heavy goods then you must use the corrugated boxes that are specially designed to hold your items.

These are some of the common differences of the cardboard and corrugated cartons.

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