Here Are the Less Frequent, Yet Equally Hazardous Threats to Your Home

It can be a lot easier to focus on the more obvious problems faced by a home. There are certain threats which occur in a more discrete way – the damage is caused long before you realize what has been happening. These threats are always present, and can be deadly to your home unless precautions are taken.

Not only homeowners, but a lot of home security gadgets are focused on protecting against external threats, such as thefts or break-ins. This way, other areas of your home which may require attention in terms of security may get neglected. It is important for every homeowner to understand and acknowledge that there are other threats to a home as well, so that the right measures can be taken before too much damage is caused.

The following are some threats to your home which you may not think about as often as you should.

Power Surges

When looking at modern homes, most of them are heavily dependent on electronics for their functioning. A lot of homeowners’ daily tasks are dependent on technology, which means homes are mainly comprised of gadgets which consume electricity. Some gadgets even require a constant connection to power, which means things are bound to occasionally go wrong.

A power surge occurs when there is a sudden spike in the voltage supply to a home. This can be caused by a number of different things, including lightning strikes, the operation of multiple heavy appliances, or a power grid switch at your local power company. Regardless of the source, a power surge can result in your appliances getting damaged irreversibly, or in extreme cases, even result in a fire due to appliance malfunction.

Fortunately, there are certain precautions you can take against power surges to lessen their impact. It’s always best to cut off the main power supply whenever a surge may occur, since this will ensure the safety of your electronics.

Cyber Threats

A lot of homes are now comprised majorly of IoT devices. This means gadgets which use your personal data to function. These gadgets must store information regarding your life to automatically operate to your convenience, which is one of the major characteristics of a smart home. While this is what makes a smart home so desirable to homeowners, it can also end up causing you harm in context of data security.

Through the smart gadgets installed in your home, hackers may be able to access your home, as well as any personal data which your smart gadgets may have on you. This means that all electronics on a particular network in your home could end up in control of a complete stranger – however, this is not inevitable. There are several ways for you to properly secure your smart home against these threats.

The first thing to do is getting an internet device with the best possible security protocol, such as WPA2. You can also have your smart gadgets on a network different from the one usually used in your home for personal use. Occasionally monitoring your gadgets and ensuring that there is nothing suspicious in their functioning is also a way to make sure your home is safe against these threats.

Weather Damage

When you think of water damage, you most likely picture a blizzard or rainstorm. While these may be the more commonly occurring natural disasters, there are other kinds which can have an equally damaging impact on your home.

If strong enough, a wind can cause your home to break down. The damage it causes can be so intense, you may have to rebuild your entire home. Similarly, hail can also contribute to this. A single hailstorm is capable of causing damage which may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix.

Weather damage mostly affects the outer part of your home, but there are instances where the impact can reach the inside of your home as well. This can result in not only your home’s foundation being weakened, but could also ruin the aesthetic of your living space.

Fire Hazard

If you don’t take all necessary precautions, there are a few potential sources in every home which could end up causing a fire. Not only can fires be caused from kitchen accidents, but they are also a result of appliance malfunction in many homes. This is where smoke/co detectors come in.

The job of a smoke detector is to detect even the slightest bit of smoke in your home, and notify you immediately through an alarm, usually through your smartphone. This prevents the spread of a deadly fire throughout your home. Carbon monoxide detectors can also be life-saving. Since the gas can be deadly if inhaled, it is best to locate the source and get things under control before any damage is done.

Fully Secure Your Home

Home security cannot be considered complete unless every possible area is covered. You need to think about threats other than those which are manmade, so that even the “unexpected” areas are catered to. This will allow you to feel a lot more at ease within the confines of your home. Most of these tasks are part of home maintenance as well, so you can target multiple tasks simultaneously.

From your physical belongings to your virtual data, everything needs to be out of any intruder’s reach. Keeping these threats in mind will allow you to be more prepared for them in the future.

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