Feeding A Pet Bird: What Do Birds Consume?

Congratulations on taking on the role of pet bird parent! You can’t wait to embrace a new friend into your family, meet their unknown relatives, and help them adjust to their unique circumstances. It’s so much fun!

Now is the time to load up on all your bird supplies and begin enjoying the company of your feathered companion. Providing your pet bird with nutritious food is critical to ensuring its long and healthy existence. So, what do birds eat, exactly?

Pet birds are known to eat a variety of different things, plus not birds are alike. No single diet is perfect, and you need to consider a list of bird food and supplies in UAE.


Avian pellets are a fantastic option for those birds who don’t like to eat anything but birdseed. Because pellets are designed to be nutritionally complete, you can rest easy knowing that your pet is getting the nourishment it needs.

Besides, each bite is rich with nutrients; your bird won’t be able to pick and select only the favorites. Pellets are also available in a wide range of forms, colors, and sizes, making it possible to create a diverse range of dishes.

A Variety of Seeds and Nuts

To feed your “tweetheart,” birdseed appears to be a natural choice. However, according to veterinarians, birdseed is too rich in fat to serve as a primary diet for most birds. Plus, overconsumption can cause health issues and inappropriate behavior.

Therefore, it’s fine to give your pet bird some seeds or nuts as a snack from time to time, but it’s preferable to keep it to a minimum to protect their health. Birdseed, on the other hand, is an excellent choice for feeding native birds in your yard.


Fresh veggies should be a part of your bird’s daily diet. So, consider favorite vegetables like cucumber, parsley, carrots, Romaine lettuce, and snow peas. You must, however, avoid feeding your bird pet onion, garlic, or avocado as they may be hazardous to them.

When preparing vegetables for your bird, be careful to cut them into portions that are appropriate and proportional to the size of your bird.

Fruit and Fiber

Everybody, including birdies, can take pleasure in a perfectly ripe piece of fruit every once in a while. Be careful not to overdo it, though, as only a tiny percentage of your bird’s diet should consist of fruit, grains, and legumes like cooked beans, brown rice, pasta, and oats or barley.

Include oranges, bananas, melons, kiwifruits, papayas, and apples in your bird’s daily diet.

Serve your feathered companions fruit that has been cleaned of seeds. It’s a great idea to chop fruits to the proper size for your bird, just like you would with vegetables.

You should feed your bird a varied amount of each type of bird food, depending on the kind of bird you get. To learn more about the proper diet for your pet bird, speak with a company specializing in bird nutrition like bird food and supplies in the UAE.

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